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Aspen Pharma may expand infant milk business into Saudi Arabia
Nqobile Dludla
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Aspen Pharmacare (APNJ.J) is looking to expand its infant milk formula business into Saudi Arabia, its deputy chief executive said after the company reported a 26 percent rise in first-half profit.

Aspen has been strengthening its business in emerging markets following the launch of its Alula infant milk formula brand in China last year, which is the world’s biggest consumer of infant milk formula products.


Its infant nutritional business, which supplies a wide range of infant nutritional and children’s milk products, has a presence in Australasia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa and a growing presence in China.

“We’ve started some very small test sampling of the markets in the Middle-East where Saudi Arabia is a particularly attractive market,” group deputy chief executive Gus Attridge told Reuters after the company published results on Thursday.

“Saudi Arabia has a reasonable population size and excellent buying power so it’s a very wealthy country,”

In January, Aspen said it would review the infant milk formula business with options including a sale to a strategic partner. Attridge said he expected to get a report back on these options within six months.

Aspen, which counts developed Europe as its biggest revenue generator, said normalized headline earnings per share (HEPS) for the six-months ended Dec.31, rose to 872 cents from 692 cents, buoyed by a strong result from therapeutic focused brands and positive performance of the pharmaceutical business in its home market.

HEPS is the main profit gauge in South Africa, which strips out certain one-off items.

Group revenue grew 11 percent to 21.9 billion rand ($1.85 billion) from 19.8 billion rand.

Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Ltd
Therapeutic focused brands comprising the Anaesthetics, Thrombosis and High Potency and Cytotoxic portfolios, delivered revenue of 9.9 billion rand, contributing 45 percent of total group revenue.

Sub-Saharan Africa was the primary growth driver in regional pharmaceutical brands, underpinned by the South African business which raised revenue 21 percent.

Aspen’s shares were up 2.78 percent to 264.15 rand by 1227 GMT.

“The sales achieved in the first half of the 2018 financial year are expected to be maintained in the second half in spite of the continued supply constraints which will prevent realization of full potential,” Aspen said.

It also said performance in the second half would benefit from the additional rights to the AstraZeneca Anaesthetics (AZN.L), which it acquired in October.

Reporting by Nqobile Dludla; Editing by Biju Dwarakanath and Jane Merriman
Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Grow your app business with Google's new education program for Universal App campaigns
February 26, 2018
Cross-posted from the Inside AdWords blog.
Today, we’re laun6ching a new interactive education program for Universal App campaigns (UAC). UAC makes it easy for you to reach users and grow your app business at scale. It uses Google’s machine learning technology to help find the customers that matter most to you, based on your business goals — across Google Play,, YouTube and the millions of sites and apps in the Display Network.
UAC is a shift in the way you market your mobile apps, so we designed the program’s first course to help you learn how to get the best results from UAC. Here are a few reasons we encourage you take the course:
Learn from industry experts. The course was created by marketers who’ve been in your shoes and vetted by the team who built the Universal App campaign.
Learn on your schedule. Watch snackable videos at your own pace. The course is made up of short 3-minute videos to help you master the content faster.

Practice what you learn. Complete interactive activities based on real life scenarios like using UAC to help launch a new app or release an update for your app.

So, take the course today and let us know what you think. You can also read more about UAC best practices here and here.
Hope to see you in class!
Posted by Sissie Hsiao, VP of Product, Mobile App Advertising at Google acquired for $900M in mega ad-tech deal
Posted Aug 22, 2016 by John Mannes (@JohnMannes)

The flow of Chinese capital into foreign ad-tech companies increased this morning with the acquisition of for $900 million USD. A consortium will be paying cash for the startup with key operation centers in New York City and Dubai. Eventually the company is set to be acquired from the consortium by Miteno Communication Technology, a Chinese tech conglomerate. The transaction is one of the largest ad-tech deals in history, ahead of notable exits like Google’s $750 million dollar acquisition of AdMob in 2010 and Twitter’s $350 million dollar acquisition of MoPub in 2013. provides a suite of products for creating, targeting, and evaluating advertising campaigns. The company supports publishers by connecting them to relevant ads via their Yahoo! Bing network.’s publisher inventory is available through major demand-side platforms and ad-exchanges.

The Chinese ad-tech space is particularly interesting because API integration with many of the largest Chinese technology companies lags behind their American counterparts. This is putting pressure on companies to find innovative ways to target advertising.

To bolster innovation in sectors like e-Commerce, the Chinese State Council released guidance back in 2015 effectively advocating for investment in the ad-tech space.

“To promote e-business application innovation — Enhance precision marketing capabilities, to stimulate consumer demand in the market.”

All of this contextualizes other ad-tech acquisitions by Chinese firms that have occurred this year despite a downturn in U.S. ad-tech M&A activity. In February, mobile ad-tech startup NativeX was grabbed up by Chinese ad-network Mobvista for $24.5 million. Just four months later, Beijing-based Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communication Group paid $148 million for Smaato, another mobile advertising company.

“I should have [entered China] three years ago,” said Divyank Turakhia, CEO and founder of “I’m late, I just didn’t realize I was this late.”

This isn’t to say that Turakhia made a mistake, he will still be walking away from the deal as a newly minted billionaire, while remaining in control of his company.

Divyank, and his brother Bhavin, run a variety of businesses including the Directi Group and Skenzo, a part of Skenzo takes a different approach to traffic monetization by focusing on parked domains. Essentially this is a method of making money off registered domains that have not been linked to a developed website by targeting individuals who may have made an error in entering the web-address for highly trafficked sites.

Turakhia said his company was not in a hurry to sell, and is growing and profitable. Yet, in thinking about the future of the company, he hired bankers to investigate a possible transaction and got back a lot of interest. received seven bids in the final round and more in earlier rounds with final bids only differing by 10-30 percent, according to Turakhia.

Back in 2014, Ashmore Investment Management Limited held a stake in An Ashmore mid-year report from the same year cited as a struggling investment and ultimately included the following statement:

“The Company’s stake in was marked down by 39% due to deteriorating
operating performance and limited diversification of revenues which depressed
the multiple at which its earnings are valued.”

Of course, just two months later, Directi would end up buying those shares back. was the sole company out of 11 total, started by the brothers, that received outside investment.

The company’s Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads have been a significant revenue stream for the company, and as of the close of this deal, 90 percent of’s revenue is concentrated in the U.S. market. Zhiyong Zhang, the chairman of Beijing Miteno Communication Technology Co. Ltd, made a point to note that Miteno can strengthen by means of “capital support” towards global growth.

The Chinese market inherently presents a challenge for the foreign company. Mr. Zhang hinted at a potential strategic data play for the company trying to find a foothold in a market dominated by mobile devices.

Turakhia is bullish on diversification and the potential for up-selling that comes from a single vendor offering multiple products. Besides expanding throughout Asia, Turakhia wants to double down on video and focus more on mobile apps. He is also looking to forge additional partnerships and expand technology licensing to DSPs and SSPs.

The deal has already closed and will be paid out in all cash. However, the first $426 million will be paid immediately from the consortium, while another $474 million will be coming as part of an agreed upon payment schedule. It is worth nothing that Miteno shares have been frozen on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for the last eight months.

“The primary reason for the acquisition was not [’s] high profit, but more of the management team and the technology staff,” said Mr.Zhang.

While the transaction is not an acquihire, Mr. Zhang connects a lot of’s value to Turakhia’s leadership. Turakhia is famous for his daredevil approach to life and business. He started his first company at at age 14 and made his first million at 18. Today, he performs aerial acrobatics for fun — but if that’s an average day off, we would love to know how he plans to celebrate joining the three commas club.


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I never thought one like me

The boy is in love with someone

I never thought of someone to wear
Actually will love
What happens in the lives of human beings
It's just an engraving
Can say. Likewise in my life
Many have happened
The event which can not be terminated
Say so Actually
Behind the development of boys' lives
No one
There is a girl's hand in the same way
My life
Back is a Mayawi Girl's Hath
Have there. When in my life
When the girl comes, then I'm in class
Nine cheers but before
Something about my class 6 to nine
I'm going to class 6
When I finished, I was only 15 in a year
Day classes at 7 am
12 days and 8 days at the MA 22 classes
I understand then
I can not measure the size
Chatting and Falley
My name was hit list
I'm about girls
I had many different girls
You see, 20 hands away
I used to stay When I got up in class nine
It was my life
Running times sometimes
I went to school with friends
One Shitara similar to chanting
At the verandah of the class room in the morning
I'm with my friend
Tuhin and Rumi are lucky
Suddenly say Tuhin Salman Norris
I say why? Do not tell the hell
But I did not like and after sometime
Tell me a little bit away
Tuhin tahin tara like this is Tuhin
Mama and they're back again
Call me mama
Mama Harkat is a girl
What are you following me? Call me
I also saw really
A girl watching me
She is very beautiful so much
Beautiful girl is watching me i
Okay i am
She liked the girl very much.
One stage
I love the girl
I could say but I can say
Not because of me
Indigestion But that's for me
There's something better waiting than that
I did not think so. Suddenly somebody
I'm a little girl with friends
I went down to the room
That is to expect to see him
Then suddenly a girl
Mango dakalo Bolo brother
what is your name? I at first
I will not say why some time later Balaam
What will happen with my name
She said that I need to be there then
My name is balamam
Salman then saw that girl
To whom I see
I've been there. Previous
Behind the girl
Has the girl slowly ahead
Come to me
Said you have something to say
As a class holiday
I got late in the gate. I am her
Later on, I remained lazy
I see the girl her girlfriend
Gently coming
After coming to me slowly
The girl prapos me
I wonder what I would say
Before me
Tell me I'm good to you
So I'm happy, I'm glad
It's like to go Starting from that day
Is my
Life changing I see him
For the first day in the class
I do not remember when I come up
Days since
Earn a public holiday
I gave this change to myself
Everyone is surprised to see that Salman is no
Day does not come in class
He is now a neutral chea also again
Flowers are relaxed by the class
Slow me down
Started in the school all the way
Chad Medam started to like me
Did it I also wrote
I read slowly, I was slowly
I got a good che
Everybody saw me at the result of my grandfather
Surprisingly I am also surprised that
Salman was able to pass in Tattoo
So good for exam
Resulted by the school's shocking surprise
. And my life
This is my reversal
The Princess of the Dreams Hath. So
I want him to ask for my life
I used to love, but in the words, happiness is the story of everyone
It does not last long, my forehead and so on my forehead
Do not go, happiness, ..., well done, our lives, well,
All, I got it, Melo became, then ,,, I, s.s.c and 15 days
There is a rest, one day, meet the girl, tell me, girl
His uncle knows us well, tell me, carefully
To move, I'm going to run sub-paddy,
Suddenly, one day ,, ,, ,, ,,,, girl, mama
And tell me, I'll talk, I'm gone
To meet, you must meet the school
I went out, she went, look, there, girl
Kaka is, lenght, me, say, ,,, you, relation
Who, that is, ,,,, I say, no one does I myself
Now tell me, who among you, Pope, you're Pope
I said, that ,,, and, before, popping up, tell me,
Come on, girl, got me in the school
To the girl, the girl saw me with a kiss
It's almost shedding, say, meta, who, popping up earlier
The girl, do not say anything, many, mine, silently crying
Suddenly the girl came from the girl's side and said, "Girlfriend."
That ,,,, I'm, Pope, before, tell him, more
I do not irritate, ,,,,, so ,,,, daughter
Say, oh, oh, it's, so, so, I'm wandering
I'm alone, alone, I'm alone, alone crying
Suddenly my back came from the back
I went home with a brick in my head.
The girl's maternal uncle has killed me
My friends, out of the distance ,, ,,,,
After that, I was in the hospital for 3 days
Afterwards,, in any way, I did the test
Afterwards and I did, my result is 4.79
After that, I got a choice in Computer ICT at Pabna Pinechnical
And ,,, Pabna,, went out, our family, saho ,,,
But by learning that I learned a lot in life, by licking the girl, I learned
Life, what, what,? ,, ,, ,,, ,,,
It goes, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, end, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,